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Paulette was born in Manchester and moved to London in the late nineties after graduating in Fashion Design and returned to the visual arts in 2004.


She truly appreciates reconnecting with her love and passion for painting, which has led to producing works which have been showcased in solo and many group exhibitions in galleries and art spaces in London and other parts of the UK over the past 10 years. Paulette’s work has been featured at the Royal Academy of Dance, celebrating the Faculty of Education’s 10th anniversary and she continues to exhibit work and is regularly commissioned throughout the UK.

Paulette is a self-taught abstract artist, experimenting with different mediums and surfaces which has developed her skills over the years and this has grown her experience and confidence and as a consequence led her to delivering art workshops with adults and children and also running after school programmes around her local community and other parts of the country.


The focus of her practice is to create art that is inspiring and intriguing, that awakens the creativity and beauty inside of us all.

Paulette wants to create artwork that makes the viewer stop, even if it’s just for a moment to have an emotional experience that will be relived every time they view her art.


Music is important in the creation of Paulette’s art, it inspires her to express herself with freedom and energy; it manifests itself into exciting forms on the canvas as symbolisms of rhythm and movement through the use of vibrant colours.


“Painting for me is the most verbal medium I have of expressing myself beyond the boundaries of language. Painting allows me a unique opportunity to be creative everyday. I have truly found my calling; I love what I do and my passion for art”.

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