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Short Adult Workshops available around the UK.  Develop your skills or learn something new.  Suitable for all levels and complete beginners. 
You will explore the wonders of abstract painting with the use of acrylic paints and charcoal. In a series of powerful exercises to music, that will loosen up the mind and awaken the creativity within you.  Resulting in the creation of a completed piece of art that is ready to hang in any living or work space.
For details on workshops or hire contact me here!

The techniques and Paulette provide a great environment for experimentation.

I love your way of painting and teaching, it is so experimental and fun.  I really enjoy your workshops  and look forward to attending the next one!

Paulettte's workshops are great fun, she's a good teacher .   I haven't done any art since my years at school, she's given me the confidence and inspiration to pursue my creative side!  

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