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I viewed the work of Paulette McKoy at an exhibition of contemporary art, at the Nesta Gallery, London, Spring 2016 and was entranced by what I saw. Paulette's work is abstract, intuitive and bold. She skillfully manipulates oils in exciting Holi Festival colours, through crisp lines and strong arches or blocks; to create layers of powerful and complex planes of perspective. Paulette's works display a level of competence and intimacy, that is too often absent from that of her contemporaries. I can't wait to see what she creates next! Paulette McKoy is the new guard, a breath of fresh air and a contemporary collector's dream - miss her work at your portfolio's peril.


Gay Kershaw - Business Owner, London

I've had the pleasure of working with Paulette over two exhibitions. Her work is beautiful showing great creativity as well as an understanding of the space and requirements of the exhibition. Paulette is dedicated, easy to work with with excellent taste and artistic contacts.


Christina Warren - Nesta London

I have bought sale and commissioned art work from Paulette on a few occasions now and each time she has left me inspired, with a piece of work that truly speaks to me. I have pieces from her movement phase where human forms create movement on the canvas that draws me in and lifts me up. I have recently brought a piece from her latest work that fills me with joy and anticipation each time I look at it. It sits pride of place in my home entrance way where every visitor comments on this beautiful piece of art. Paulette has a unique ability to put emotion into her paintings. I look forward to seeing her future pieces and imagining how they will bring feeling to those lucky enough to procure one.


Jane Perkin - HR Director Financial Services, London

Paulette McKoy's latest exhibition takes a step away from the flowing lines and swirls which characterised her earlier work.  It is a delight.  Here she has adopted a more structured form, with symmetrical lines featuring throughout.  There is also much more exploration of texture.  However, what still permeates her work is that intriguing touch which draws the eye beyond the exuberance of colour, beyond the subdued tones around a smattering of lines merging gently into the background, beyond the soft, muted hues of a blue monochrome, and into something deeper, more profound.


Obviously, this is a gifted artist.  Moreover, there is a strong sense that this work marks a maturity in her development, reflected in a new poise and confidence which underlies her art and gives it a wonderful depth.


Zofie Fraser - Personal Assistant (retired), Tooting, London​

I have been a fan of most things creative for a long time, being a chef.  I like art especially abstract art for the simple reason that it's an individual prespective...colours, shapes and movement. Paulette's work displays all of the above...sending you on a journey of the mind.

Alison Jeoffrey - Chef, Leeds

Paulette McKoy was one of 14 successful applicants out of 250 to the Nesta Call for Art. A scheme that we run to give budding artists exposure whilst also inspiring our staff and visitors. Her work has helped to transform our busy networking and events space and I am glad to have been able to showcase her creativity and give her access to our large and diverse audience.


Her work speaks for itself but she as a person is an absolute pleasure to work with. Half way through the exhibiting period she met an additional brief to compose two large canvases for us, one of which is currently outward facing to all incomers to our building. I have received nothing but praise for her work.

Kiran Phlora, Nesta - Art Project Coordinator, London

Recently commissioned Paulette to do a painting for me to commemorate a boxing event I took part in. The event was to raise money for cancer research UK, which is a charity very close to my heart as my dad passed away two years before my fight due to prostate cancer. 


The commission was extremely important to me as I wanted Paulette to capture the moment, using her uniquely abstract style. The results, I'm elated to say, were amazing. I'm truly happy with the painting but now need to decide on where to hang it. 


Fantastic job and well done Paulette, a truly talented lady. 

Julian Jeoffrey - Manager, Manchester

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